Friday, January 25, 2013

sumer cumen ahhhhh.

good thing you didn't want to hang 
out with us on friday night.
because we couldn't, because we were really busy. 

taylor b. was drowning her sorrows
in a whipped cream canister,
when we thought it would be a good idea
to make cakeinamug.
because it's trendy, and chocolate, and good.
we like all of those things. and mugs,
so it was literally perfect.

it looks like we're drinking hot chocolate,

our favorite part of the night, though,
was that we used our skyline cross country mugs.
just like how our internet password is still runskyline.
(don't steal our credit card numbers, please).

also, you couldn't even if you tried because that's not 
our real internet password.

okay, we have to go now.
we're extremely busy,
so don't even try to hang out with us ever.

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