Wednesday, January 16, 2013

he was a cowboy, mister.

what have we been up to?
here is a quick insta-update
using only pictures we didn't actually instagram.

it was taylor b.'s birthday,
and we partied like animals.
here's how our apartment looks a week later:

did someone say
"cracklin' OatBran?"
yes. we did. we said it.

we organized our closet.
for the first time since we moved in 4 years ago.

turns out, single digits are colder than we're used to.
but we're not complaining. 
women never complain. only make sandwiches. and wear pants.

we'll leave you with some jack:

"he was the kind of man who was not afraid to show
affection. i guess that's what i hated about him."

c u soon.

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