Tuesday, July 16, 2013

living my own LA story.

taylor b.,

it's a great big world out there.
i can say that only because
i managed to leave my little apartment TWICE today.
(see video below)

though you already know,
i will insert a side note here for
those who don't know:
i moved to LA.
it feels just like home though
since i have a red couch.

now that we have that covered, 
let's talk about what's happened.

i drove more than i have ever
driven in my life.
10 hours to phoenix
then 6 hours to LA.

why phoenix, you ask?
as I explained on snapchat:

and on instagram:

(once again, i'm with scott.)

in phoenix, i learned 3 main things.

1. it is hot there.

2. it is hot there.

3. it is hot there.
no jk.

2. the best things never last.

(sorry for breaking you, thatcher)

3. scott is related to "jack"
(yes, i used "air quotes" for you)
as seen below with thatcher and featured in {this} vintage post.
small world...

in LA I also have learned 3 main things.

1. every job has its pros and its cons.

pros: making contacts, learning stuff, being in LA, free rent.

cons: babysitting a child who has a problem with pooping his pants.

2. no matter where I am, 
life is more exciting with andy mockler involved.
(Yes I am talking about {this} andy)

need proof?
we went to dinner and found this sign:

so.... should we call the number?

3. i have awesome friends and family.

scott was nice enough to help me move out.

when I took him to the airport today,
it hit me how grateful I am for everyone
who loves and supports me.

sorry to get all sentimental and stuff,
but I guess it's what happens when you 
enter the real world.

i miss you.
and provo.
but mainly provo = you.
(and yes, that IS a reflection on my social life.)

love and kisses (wink wink),
taylor o.

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