Saturday, June 26, 2010

maybe you should call 119.

hello all.
our summer is going pretty well.

taylor o. for example, is on her way to thailand.
she really loves it there. it's practically her home.
see for yourself.

this is her as a baby. she was such a cutie,
and just look at that backyard. so well manicured.
go dad!

this is her as a school girl in bangkok.
she was always quite the model.

what a great elephant.
dinner time!

just taking some tourists for a boat ride.
they're so funny.

taylor squared visit.
chillin at the market,
just doin sum shoppin.

her dance final.
yeah, and you thought your classes were cool.

model shot at the harbor.

this is when her boyfriend proposed.
the wedding is TBA, but it will most likely be in thailand.

in other news,
approximately 90% of taylor b.'s friends
are in tokyo right now.
go figure.
go fish.

okay. taylor b. has to watch
"michael jackson and bubbles: the untold story" now.

"we are UPSTAIRS. as in our seats. are. upstairs.
as in, we're in a 2 story 747.
---taylor o.

we LOVE that---taylor and taylor.

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  1. I caught a second of that Michael Jackson and Bubbles show on Animal Planet today. They had a weird relationship.