Wednesday, July 28, 2010

t² Changs.

summer is just ticking away.
can you believe july is almost over?
we're sad and happy about it.

1. we're excited for school to begin.
we like school.
believe it, or don't. it doesn't matter to us.

2. we have some pretty cool friends.
we're excited to be with them all the time.

3. we have a new set of rules to implement.
details are tbb (to be blogged).

plus, now that july is almost over,
august is bound to bring some great new adventures.
a few great books are bound to come out,
and a few of our favorite people are bound to visit.

we've been thinking a lot about how great
the beginning of the last school year was.
this year is bound to be 30,000 times better.

plus, thatcher comes home in less than 10 months,
and ben has been out for almost 7. yeeah.
and we've been hitting each others' funny bones a lot lately.

"i was about to asking her if she wanted to hang out,
but then i realized i needed to calm down." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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