Wednesday, December 23, 2009

benny and the jets, and 4 billion live cells.

here is a post that was supposed to be shared on
wednesday december 16, 2009,
but was neglected instead.

last night = out of control.
it started like any other normal study-party.

dishes? they can wait 'til after finals.
cleaning? that can wait 'til after finals.
studying? that can wait 'til after finals, too.

let's start with two words:
ben coburn.

and, we'll play around with a couple more:
leslie macfarlane.

hahahahaha, word games are fun.

ok, ok. here are some more:
mona vie.
christmas candy.
christmas cookies.
jefferson and liberty.
whipped cream.
cornbread powder.
balsamic vinegar.
facebook log-out.
computer date.
focus issues.

pretty neat, huh?

one more day of finals,
then we're going to high-tail it up to the big city
for our long-awaited CHRISTMAS VACATION!!
wish us luck,
because if you don't, we'll just wish ourselves luck.

"clean it up, clean it up." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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