Monday, December 7, 2009

can you tell it in five sentences or less?

we promised an update,
so consider this us fulfilling that promise.

some highlights from the last week.

sunday (the 29th):
we went to holly brimhall's birthday
scone extravaganza!
some congratulations are in order:
happy 20th, girlfriend!
we met a girl named stacey-marie.

us: "what's your name?"
sm: "stacey-marie. one girl, two names."
us: "perfect. we're taylor. two girls, one name."

let's skip a few days.

thursday (the 3rd):
this night involved our two favorite places,
and our new favorite people.
1. deseret industries.

2. zupa's.
3. leslie (she isn't new, but she's our favorite. robl.)
4. ben, sean and philip.
(ben wanted a whole post dedicated to him,
but really ben? you've gotta work up to that.
for now, you get to share a number).

taylor b. picked up two new pieces of flannel. $3, & $4.
ben found a pretty rad xango shirt for a $1.
the funny thing is, earlier while walking around campus,
a dollar bill literally fell from the sky, and he caught it.
coincidence? most likely.

zupa's was just as INCREDIBLE as ever.
just like yoplait, it's so good.

friday (the 4th):
one word: logan.
taylor b. high-tailed it up north,
and man, she didn't regret it.
just some highlights:
- the living and learning center.
- the fine arts building.
- the bevwood quartet.
- natalie allen & hannah mcvea.
- crazy dancing.
- midnight swimming.
- angie's diner.
- wintery morning drive, & mcdonald's sausage biscuits.
- and of COURSE, finally getting to meet hillary & nathan.

all in all, best friday night ever!

taylor o. wasn't able to make the journey to logan-town,
so she sat at home bored out of her mind
(you can only watch so many hours of glee),
until stewart came and saved her.
thank you!

saturday (the 5th):
taylor b.'s brother attended his first formal dance.
taylor o. had some great family bonding time and a useless rehearsal. yes!

that's all folks!

"i used to love the smell of burning gasoline in the morning." --- richard e. terry.

we love that---taylor & taylor.


  1. I was mentioned three times in this one. you have my heart felt thanks.

  2. Ok so I have a few things to say to you right now in the middle of the night as I am working in the ER. First of all, running in the street after the snow is the worst thing ever even if it really does need to snow. Like seriously people are ridiculous. They don't give you ANY room and I swear that they TRY to spray you with slush. Ya I'm not looking forward to that when I come home. But I am looking so so forward to coming home and PLAYING in the snow. Not RUNNING in it! haha. Second of all, that night in Logan sounds so so fun! Oh the good ol' days!! I am so jealous. and third of all, I still haven't seen New Moon, so come see it with me when I come home. I hope this long post is an adequate representation of how bored I am right now in the ER. haha