Wednesday, December 23, 2009

are you still awake?

we're enjoying our christmas just about as much
as we thought we would --- a lot.
so far we've had some pretty fun experiences.
taylor o. has loved playing mary in the live nativity
at liberty park called, "echoes of christmas."
she's pretty famous now.
you might have seen this photo in the newspaper:

taylor b. got to spend some quality time
cross country skiing with shalaya kipp, and has acquired a nasty case
of tendinitis in her elbow because of it.
but it was still fun.

along with caroling, shopping, wrapping, eating,
running, reading, sleeping and laughing,
we've had some pretty fun moments so far.
we can't wait for more to come!

merry christmas, everyone!

"bt to the w
tay b and me = 9 mutuals
tay o and me = 53 mutuals

53/9 = 5.889 olsons per berhow" ---ben c.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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