Monday, December 14, 2009

i'd give it all for you.

"welcome to the dollhouse, my dear."

it's friday night,
and pictures speak at least a few sentences each.

thanks to these two {natalie allen & isaac hales} along with, ally morgan, hillary alleman, dearest bracelet, and of course us, {a.k.a taylor squared}, ben recieved several thousand notifications. yup. we're cool. and we like that.

isaac, natalie, leslie, ben, taylor b., hillary, jeff.

walgreens is open 24/7. and these tigers are for sale, 24/7.

sonic drive-in---clearly.

we ordered some french toast sticks to go,
and as we were handed our order,
we saw a sign that read, '.49 cent hot chocolate.'
so, naturally, we drove back through again.

"is it true you have .49 cent hot chocolate?" ---us.
"umm, [ten seconds later] yes." ---drive-thru attendee.
"we'll take three please." ---us.

"so, during happy hour, is hot chocolate 24 and 1/2 cents?" ---us.
"umm, i'm not sure. no one has ever ordered it then." ---drive-thru attendee.

you can back we'll be back to check it out.

in other news,
we LOVED the mormon tabernacle christmas concert.
what a way to bring more christmas spirit into our lives.
and, we have finals this week.
you can bet that we know all about finals.
wish us luck, and remember, let it schnow!

"i spent $230 on my jeans." ---jeff walsh.
"that's worse than the $33 ice cream scoop." ---a'lissa.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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