Tuesday, January 5, 2010

man of science, man of faith.

honey, i'm home!

we'rrrrrrre baaaaaaaack. at the dollhouse of course.
we really do love it here,
but maaan, talk about culture shock. again.

so, we've instituted some new rules.

#1 we have a new calendar, and we're not allowed
to look ahead at the pictures until the changing month.

#2 ben and/or michael have to visit no less than 2 nights a week.

#3 if either of us are sitting next to someone while
writing a blog post, there has to be a pillow in between
the two individuals until the post is finished.

#4 there is absolutely no touching the pudding until it
is adequately thickened. no exceptions.

#5 by the end of this semester 2/3 of #301's residents
must be able to correctly answer the question: what is a jew?

questions, comments, concerns? take it up with management.
a.k.a: us.

"my secret with car hugs is, people (girls or ben)
come to me. i slide-twist a one armed hug."
---michael milkanin.

"my secret to car hugs is that i have a truck
and it's just one, big bench seat."
---ben coburn.

"that would lead to more than just car hugs." ---taylor o.

"that's why it's his secret." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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