Saturday, January 16, 2010

the island and the redwoods.

here is a GREAT joke.

econ 110.
i mean, it's pretty comical.
(or economical. take your pick.)
anyway, it's actually not that funny.
it WOULD be funny if taylor b.
had done 5 hours of homework for it on thursday.
ha. now THAT would be hilarious.
oh well. guess the joke's on us.

taylor o. flew off to oregon/california this weekend
for some fun-filled adventures with the fam.
and, even better news yet,
she can text again beginning sunday night.
really, this is a pretty big deal.
it isn't as fun to text each other in the same room
when we're both using taylor b.'s phone.

taylor b. has taken a liking/loving to her darn tough's.
(those are a brand of socks, silly).
1. the have a lifetime warranty.
2. they're darn tough.
yeah, that about covers it.

finally, it's january 16th.
you know what that means?
well, for one, it means that we're halfway
through the month of january.
basically what we're getting at is,
we only have 15 days until we can look
at the next picture in our calender.
you can bet we'll be cookin' up some
pudding to celebrate that occasion.

"i saw josh on campus and smiled at him,
and i don't think he recognized me.
but by the way he looked at me,
i'm pretty sure he was judging my outfit.
i would too by what i was wearing." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

the best of both worlds.

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