Monday, October 11, 2010

looking at you through a spyglass.

this weekend was one of the
winna-ing variety.
you know what we mean.
or do you?
regardless, this post will carry on.

we decided it would be fun to
test the waters in two different states this weekend.
idaho, and ohio; it was just a plus that they almost rhyme.
speaking of "almost,"
the other day we had a great time
reciting the lyrics to this song:

[clearly, this homemade sims version of the video
was the best way to present the song to you.]

all of that nonsense was bound to lead to
the recitation/karaoke of this:

this band is maybe the weirdest band ever.
seriously. that music video? wow.
but these songs are classic.

anyway, where were we?
weekend. right.
so we were in two different states that almost rhyme.
taylor went to visit our good friend philip.


taylor o. thinks philip is really kool.
wink, wink. nudge, nudge.

taylor b. got to enjoy some real
malad-style scenery with her good friends
leslie macfarlane and dylan lormier

taylor thinks leslie and dylan are pretty cool too.
but cool with a "c," not a "k."
they're different.
the highlight of the whole trip though,
had to be this fun little doody:

well, this has been a successful post,
and as is always with successful posts,
a very unproductive night.

we'll catch you on the flip side.
whatever that means.
who comes up with these phrases?

---taylor & taylor.

p.s. yes, we know there are more pictures of taylor b.'s trip
than there are of taylor o.'s.
we both had cameras.
we were both aware of the rules going in.
if you have a problem with it,
you can take it up with management.
(management always equals us).

p.p.s congrats to christian jacob frandsen;
he got his mission call to paris, france.
you're right, chrishty-boo.
that definitely warrants a shout out on the bloggy-boo.

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