Tuesday, October 26, 2010

till the sun turns black.

on saturday, we learned that one of
our beloved elementary school teachers
had passed away.

mrs. kathy sorensen was an incredible
woman, and one whose memory will
always brighten our lives.

our thoughts and prayers are with
her husband, children, grandchildren
and friends at this time.

she was a beautiful woman
with a wonderful spirit,
and had the precious ability to
touch the lives of hundreds of children.

(from the salt lake tribune)

life is too short.

---taylor & taylor.


  1. This is so sad! But I am going to say something that will make both of you hate me. I can't even take this post seriously because you guys are always so funny on here! Like LAUGH out LOUD funny. So what am I supossed to do when you post something list this?

  2. Aw this makes me sad... She was a great teacher and an amazing woman.