Monday, October 4, 2010

she's a little fragile.

it's fouurrrrr o'claaaahhck and all is wellllll.
except for not.
nothing is well.
today may in fact have been the most unwell day ever.
which provides the criterium for the perfect blog post.

today at the end of our shared class,
taylor o.'s backpack broke.
you heard us. broke.
the zipper was cleaned right of the zip.
or whatever.
the point is, it won't zip up.
nbd, though. we thought.

taylor o. had an important interview
to attend, and so taylor b. agreed to stay behind
and backpack-sit until she returned.
well, by the time she made it back,
the sky had turned black.
you heard us. black.

we met up with veronica just in time
for mother nature to drown us in her tears.
what a baby.
but seriously. we were soaked. in seconds.
not to mention, taylor o. had to carry her
backpack like a sumo wrestler through the
wind and the rain and the cats and the dogs.
good thing we had two umbrellas. yikes.

the storm got progressively worse as we
walked at a less-than-waddling pace back to the dollhouse.
our journey spanning the last block
was what one might consider a "joke."
shoes flying, umbrellas turning, backpacks dropping,
cars crashing, houses exploding, people dying...
it was scary.

as soon as we made it into #301
our bedroom door slammed shut.
we rushed to the room as we realized
that we had forgotten to shut the window,
and with the strength of 100 grown men,
pushed open the door, which had succumbed
to the pressure of the angry wind.

would you believe it if we told
you that our room had 3ft of water in it?
no? good. because that's just ridiculous.
the door to the attic was open however,
and we'll probs be sleeping in wet sheets tonight.
go figure.
go fish.

pictures would have been ideal for this post.
oh well.


we love that---taylor & taylor.

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