Monday, October 18, 2010

you've got the music in you,

and i've got the magic in me.

fall has sprung.

spanish fork canyon.
vivian park.
san rafael swell.
buckhorn wash.
spotted wolf canyon.
provo canyon.
eagle canyon.

just a few of the places we visited this weekend
to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery.
lots of canyons, as you can see.
canyons rock. and they're made of rocks.
and we rock. lot's of rocking going on.
rock on.

so, school is fun.
really, we love school.
combined, we have 6 tests this week.
really only 5, though, because one of them
is a mutual test --- you know, we both are taking it.
if there was an award for the best kind of test(s),
mutual tests would win it, no battle.
anyway, we have 6 (5) tests this week,
but we still love school.
lots of the time, we're sarcastic.
we're seriously not being sarcastic this time.

so we've got some real plans for this weekend.
this is huge.
we don't normally have plans,
let alone real plans.
we'll let you know what happens.


happy autumn.
---taylor & taylor.

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  1. ugh I just love the two's of you's. and I am soo proud to be addicted to your blog. xoxox