Thursday, October 21, 2010

not gonna miss a thing.

hey y'all.
new blog look.
we like it, which is good.
you have no idea how long it
took us to make that dumb collage.
we're all for memories, and cutsie blogs,
and polaroids...but we have homework to do sometimes.
(had to add that extra carrot at top to make it better).

anyway. just look at those pictures.
they were selected from hundreds.
only the very best of 'em were chosen,
and it was a rigorous process.
these here sir, are the
crème de la crème---
the cream of the crop---
the best we have to offer.
blah, blah, blah.

our "real" plans for this weekend fell through.
no surprise there.
t.o.'s gotta head up to boise,
and clearly there is no reason to
be attending the BYU football game.
call us fair-weather fans. do it.
it looks like it's going to rain on saturday anyway.
two reasons not to attend.
but we plan to rescedge our "real" weekend,
so don't worry about us.

the good news is,
with our new blog layout,
there is never a need to post any pictures.
we either do the same things over and over again,
or sit home wishing we were doing those things.
it's perfect, really.

more good news:
thatcher comes home in 6ish months,
and ben has ben out for almost 10.
isaac and stuart still have a waaaayys to go though.
philip hasn't even started yet. whoops.
just thought we'd give you the updates.

anywho. off to noteworthy practice,
and statistic/poly sci test-studying.
our favorite thursday night activities.

we've fallen for fall.
bet you'd like to see a picture of that, huh?
us falling.
we would too. we'll work on that.

until nextie-boo time---taylor & taylor.

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