Thursday, November 25, 2010

kitty kitty. kitty kitty cat.

dear teeber.

happy thanksgiving!
(i know they don't celebrate thanksgiving in france,
but it doesn't mean i can't celebrate.)

this is my second year being away from home
for thanksgiving.
there's no place like home for the holidays.
except new york.
or france.
those beat home.

as does texting someone on thanksgiving.
or texting no one.
one year anniversary.
look how far i've come.

so, enough of that.
i'm in france.
(in case you're clueless and didn't know by now.)
what a great opportunity to practice my french, right?
everyone we try to talk to in french
responds in english.
how do they know?
are we really that obvious?

remember how i said i wanted to move into versailles?
i changed my mind.

this is the new future residence:

ch√Ęteau de pierrefonds

there may be room for you
if you want to move in with me.

but just maybe.

last time i visited paris
i climbed the 374 steps to the top of notre dame.
in case you were wondering,
there are still 374 steps.
yes, i counted.
both times.

some things never change.
like how much i love you.
and how grateful i am for you.

on a different, but not necessarily lighter, note,
i managed to whip out 7 postcards tonight.
why do so many missionaries exist?
seriously, ctn?

well, i'm off to bed.
i know it's only the afternoon there.
leave me be.


p.s. can i not eat 2 pastries, a tart,
chocolate mousse and cream puffs all on the same day?
p.p.s. RUSSIA?!?!?!?!?
p.p.p.s. i had airplane food. 'nuf said.
p². p².s. why are you so dang creative?
how am i supposed to even try to match up?

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