Thursday, November 25, 2010

more than words.

oh. hey.

1. russia. i know right??
did i call it or what?
(drew got his mission call.
st. petersburg, russia).

2. can you eat 2 pastries, a tart,
chocolate mousse and cream
puffs all on the same day?
apparently, yes.

3. oh the weather outside is frightful.
and the fire is so delightful.
really, though.
the fire is delightful, and the weather is frightful.
tis cold here. 12 degrees right now.

4. thanksgiving dinner was oh so great.
i sent a picture of me eating my first
bite of meat in 3 months to all our cool friends.
you didn't get it. obv.
but nbd. i'll post it here.

my mouth is full of turkey.
and yes, that is a new sweater.
i know you'll be asking me that later.

anyway, here are some headlines:

this morning i woke up at 6:30am
to help with a 5k up by lagoon.
it was the coldest experience of my life.
you think i'm kidding.
okay, maybe you don't.
but i'm telling you: BRRRRRRRR.

yesterday, i shoveled snow off of our deck.
having a large deck is great in the summer.
i'll kill it in the winter.
some photo evidence for you:

(i'm wearing the blue tights and skyline
shirt i told you about a couple days ago. obv.)

this is my backyard.
can the leaves not fall after the
ground is covered in snow?

apparently these green leaves think they can do
whatever they want. oh, and kipper says high.

i've been cooking like mad this week.
i think it's how i deal with being away from you.
and we have so much pumpkin pie at my house.
seriously. pie after pie after pie.
and you're the only one i want to share it with.

finally, i charged my phone and showered today.
both could have probably gone for
a little bit longer, but i think took it far enough.

also, i'd rather live here:

i'm not eating another bite
of pumpkin pie until you get home.
just kidding. that's such a lie.




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