Sunday, November 21, 2010

deep like the grandest canyon.

guys. thanksgiving break is all but here.

1. our pre-thanksgiving is feast tomorrow.
since the french don't celebrate thanksgiving,
we decided to send taylor o. out with a bang.
grocery shopping for the feast was a bit of a mess tonight,
but grocery shopping is always a bit of a mess for us.

2. no school. for almost a week.

3. reading. traveling. working. relaxing. eating.

4. it snowed today.
it's snowing right now.
we heard the city got dumped on.
provo is a little behind,
but what else is new?
but guys. it snowed today.
it really did.
and we had a snowball fight.
and we loved it.

it's going to be a good holiday season.
it won't be quite the same with out these guys,

but it will be great nonetheless.

we love that---taylor & taylor

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