Saturday, November 27, 2010

go, go gadget.


some neat stuff has happened
the past few days.

today, for example,
i modeled for the deseret news. again.
this time there was a real
photographer there, so don't be surprised if
you don't recognize me.
i bet i'll look a lot like heidi klum,
only i'll be wearing running clothes.
she made my stand in
a "stretching" position for probably
10 minutes. you'll see.

i finished the 5th harry potter movie last night.
i really don't know what i'm doing.
see what happens when you're not here?
also, we finished all our christmas decorating.
it looks so homey for the hollydays.

we're supposed to get another storm
on sunday, so i hope it doesn't
affect your flight. you have to come home.
and do you want to know the first thing
i'm going to do when i get to provo?
check the mailbox.

well, this may be our last blog letter.
let's do this again sometime.
can't wait to see you.


- taylor

p.s. you're worried about french desserts?
what about the american ones?
try caramel cream cheese brownies,
cinnamon chocolate chip cookies,
and pumpkin cheesecake?
all homemade.

i have a talent.

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