Tuesday, November 23, 2010

this is gonna be a big one.


so, you're in paris right now.
i'm in salt lake.
well, sandy if we're going to get technical.

here are the headlines:
1. i almost ate chicken last night.
pan-seared basil pesto chicken to be exact.
man, it looked good. and smelled good.
someone's got to cook while you're away.

2. the storm is rollin' in. it's gonna be a big one.
i say "the" storm, because that's what everyone
has been calling it. i don't think it yet
deserves that kind of a title, but...
you know how weathermen are.
think they know everything.

3. the family is gone today.
i'm all by my lonesome,
and man it is great.
running around in my bright blue tights
and over-sized skyline cross country shirt,
beltin' to whitney's christmas album.
doesn't get much better than this, i'll tell ya.
i'm sure you can picture it,
so there is no need to post a picture.

4. "ADVERTS WCA" keeps calling my house.
and the american diabetes association.
i just tell them this isn't the "burhos"
and that a "mersy" doesn't live here.
no one even has diabetes in my house!
ctn. seriously.

5. i watched the first harry potter last night.
what a tareet.
i miss the days when the characters were
actually at hogwarts and they hadn't
gone through puberty yet.
clint kept mentioning how
"emma watson really grew into her beauty."
blah, blah, blah.
not him too.

6. yesterday at the doctor's office,
i realized i hadn't shaved in a while.
weeks maybe.
embarrassing? no.
for him, maybe.
stuff like that doesn't even phase me anymore.
and you're in france.
good thing it doesn't phase you either.
and anyway, too bad for him.
if he can't fix my knee, that's what he gets.

well, that's about it for now.
it's supposed to be in the teens tomorrow.
it's gonna be awesome.

don't have too much fun without me.
jk. have as much fun as you want.
as long as you film it.

much love,
taylor brin handsome.

p.s. i like your cardigan.

p.p.s. let's have a woman date when you get home.
ctn?! please.

p.p.p.s. let's work on our christmas mixed tape.

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