Tuesday, November 9, 2010

saving grace and grace kelly.

a nickel is really the perfect coin.
it's bigger than a dime,
but worth more than a penny.
it's actually bigger than a penny too.
anyway, something to think about.

it feels like forever and a day since
we've blogged. but in actuality,
it's been about a day.
okay, three days. but the point remains,
even though it feels like a long time,
it hasn't been a very long time.

this past week, however, has been one
of our busiest yet here as sophomores at BYU.
we made like 50,000 friends.
and remember when we said we
had no plans for the weekend?
well, turns out, we had lots of plans.
we just didn't know it yet.

our activities included, but were not limited to:

coloring contests, spotlighting (rofl),
dates, CPK, "the back-up plan,"
noteworthy, story-telling, good food,
church, monopoly, VEGAS, devotionals,
not sleeping, watching short films, etc.

sounds like a good weekend, huh?

something else worth noting is
the fact that we've consumed 4
loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread
in 4 days. we call it the "loaf-a-day" diet.

jillian michaels says that "fad diets are bad diets,"
again, something to think about.

well ladies and germs,
(if you're a guy, we just called you a germ)
that's about it for now.
don't get engaged, k?

much love from taylor and taylor,

---taylor & taylor.

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  1. I am glad our activities made a spot on your blog. But I am but only 1 of 50,000 according to you two :(