Tuesday, November 23, 2010

excusez-moi de vous deranger.


so, you're technically in sandy right now.
i'm in paris.
well, technically outside of paris.
but paris will suffice.

here are the headlines:
1. my body is thoroughly confused.
i would tell you what i had (or almost had)
for dinner last night,
but i don't know when last night was.
i've had very little sleep
and i haven't brushed my teeth in over 26 hours.
but at least i was in first class.

2. ben coburn is less than 50 miles away.

3. i haven't exercised since friday.
new record? perhaps.
i bet you're proud.

4. versailles.
vee & dad picked up me & mom from the airport
and we went straight there.
it was freezing cold, but beautiful.
can we move in?

5. can pastries not?
it's bad here. real bad.
p90x is so far out the window, it's in provo.

6. you got mail.
this would maybe be a headline
if we could actually check the mail.

that's paris for you.
at least so far.
it's been a whole 9 hours of non-stop, tired fun.

that and the fact that we are staying
in the. cutest. place. ever.

say hi to slc for me.
or technically sandy i suppose.

mucho looove,
steve i. taylor jr. cutie pie olson s.

p.s. cin forget my corduroys?

p.p.s. ok, if you insist,
i'll go on a date with you.

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