Friday, November 5, 2010

carpet made of silk.

it's the weekend again.
and we have no plans again.
we take that back.
we would have plans every weekend,
if we had someone to plan our plans with.
thus, we have no plans.

ever since philip left,
all taylor o. does is write music and eat.
her class schedule happens to be lacking
this semester, music classes and all,
so she has taken up a new routine.
wake up, p90x, go to class, come home,
eat, practice, go to bed.
emphasis on the eat part.
it's ooc.
take this conversation for example.

"i really need food." ---t.o.

(a while later)

"can we please go get something to eat?" ---t.o.

(a while later)

"i'm just really starving.
i haven't eaten since breakfast." ---t.o.

"yeah taylor, it's lunch time,
neither have i. what's your deal?" ---t.b.

"you know what my deal is." ---t.o.
(walks to the kitchen,
comes back with food and a guitar).

this is basically all happening as
this post is being written.
it's like a news feed.
really though.
see for yourself:

the apartment got deep cleaned today.
that's what happens when taylor o. is at class for hours,
and taylor b. sits at home with nothing to do,
and no one to see.
obv we have no life except for each other
it's good for us really.

another example:
after noteworthy rehearsal, all the girls go hang out together.
all except for two: a married girl, and taylor o.
the married miss goes home to her husband.
guess who taylor o. goes home to?
taylor b.
everyone thinks it's real funny,
and, like, a joke.
"oh. hahahaha you guys are like married. hahaha."
but it isn't. it really, really isn't.
nbd, though. we love that.

here we are.
taylor b. blogging, taylor o. practicing.
on the same bed, as it should be.

we took this pic about 30 seconds ago.
it is crooked because of our indifference
to the self-timing situation.

it's clearly been a great weekend so far.
bi everyone.

"what movie is drew filming,
and why aren't with him?"

we love that---taylor & taylor.

also, CAN WE NOT keep
making friends with boys who
haven't left of their missions yet?!
seriously. can. we. not.

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