Saturday, November 13, 2010

and months to go before i sleep.

hi everybody.
quick game:

"on this day in 2009"

on 13 november 2009,
we snapped this photo:

it's called, "yellow truck at gas station."
cool right?
wrong. so, so uncool.
quite possibly the most uncool picture ever taken,
which is saying something,
because i'll bet there are a lot
of uncool pictures out there.

we didn't post this picture to
to point out how lame we are, though.
it's to show you how far we've come.
every picture has a point,
and this one is no exception.


it's the weekend again.
doesn't it seem like the weekend was just a week ago?
yeah. to us too.

but really, time is going by quickly.
it's already the 13th of november 2010.
exactly 10 months ago, our friend ben left on his mission.
and in pretty much 6 months,
our brother and friend, thatcher, comes home.
and there is 1 month of school left.

on that note...
we've already filled our holiday schedules.
one of the scheduled activities will
clearly be remaking our
"baby, it's cold outside" music video.
that's obviously a christmas tradition.
we've also been compiling our christmas-break
reading lists; they're coming along nicely.

taylor b. is ever close to her vegetarian goal,
which means thanksgiving is fast approaching,
which means: PARIS.
that's where tay o. will be enjoying the holiday.
yes, yes. she knows.
the french don't celebrate thanksgiving.
so what? they don't make the rules.

speaking of rules,
it's about the time of year that we make more of them.
every once in a while,
we catch ourselves doing things that
should be against the rules.
but you know what they say,
"you break it, you buy it."

that should be a new rule.
it's a good one.

well, that's all for now.
much love and peace and joy
and rainbows and smiley faces
and unicorns and kittens,

---taylor & taylor.

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