Monday, November 29, 2010

how to survive the next world crisis.

back we are.
together again.
in provo again we are together,
and it sure is chilly.

important things that have happened
since we've been reunited:

1. taylor o. DID bring taylor b. some french pastries.
and they are history. all gone. bye bye.

2. we met up with drew and andy.

3. we went to class.

4. we went to the library and the bookstore.

5. we practiced with our little jazz trio
for saturday's christmas party performance.
isn't that going to be quite the hoot.
we'll try and post video.

6. we went to family home evening.

7. we went out to eat.

8. we have done absolutely no homework.

9. we facebooked.

9.5. we listened to loads of christmas music.

10. we've been out of control since we met up again.
out of control in every way, shape and form.

only 2 more weeks of classes!
merry, merry christmas!

---taylor & taylor.

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