Friday, November 26, 2010

tirez, poussez, rien.

hey over there, tbc. (aka tuberculosis)

let's start off by reliving a moment.
"look! it's the eiffel tower!" -mom
"it looks like it's growing out of the top
of that building!" -dad
(we get closer and begin taking pictures.)
"stand together, girls, so i can take your picture." -dad

yes, you read correctly.
i think the storm bypassed utah
and came straight to paris.

but, i must say, it was a cool magic trick
the weather pulled off when it
made the eiffel tower disappear.

photo cred to Mark Olson

how about we relive another moment?
"can we drive up the champs-élysées?" - me
"okay, sure. we'll go on our way home." -dad
3 hours and 30 miles later, we made it home.
what took so long you may ask?

but i didn't mind that much,
i slept through the whole thing.
as i have slept through
every car ride on this trip so far.

i don't know what it is,
but something about our rental car
puts me right to sleep.
or maybe it's just the french jazz music.
or all the french food i'm eating.
or the neck pillow someone in my family
was kind enough to bring along
for me to kidnap.
(kid.... nap. ha ha. get it?)

ready to relive another moment?
"les pâtisseries, sont-ils à moitié prix?" -mom
"we close at eight." -lady at the bakery
"oh yes, i know. but are they half price after seven?" -mom
"no." -lady at the bakery

apparently the internet lies.
and apparently, as i said earlier,
it is futile to try to speak in french.
they apparently don't understand.
and they apparently respond in english.

we had an interesting experience this evening
navigating the underground network of paris.
it wasn't as sketchy as it sounds.

well, i can smell the chocolate cake
and it's just about ready for us to eat.
add that to the list today along with
french toast, chocolate almond croissants,
crepes, and quiche.

but it's alright.
because, remember that 20 minutes of biking
i did earlier where i didn't even break a sweat?
i do.
totally justifies french toast, chocolate almond croissants,
crepes, quiche and chocolate cake.

well, the cake is calling.

tos. (aka thoracic outlet syndrome)

p.s. i like how both of our posts focus on dessert.
it's clear where our priorities lie.
p.p.s. i'm glad you're no longer vegetarian.
now we can go to all those restaurants
you wouldn't visit anymore.
p.p.p.s there i go about food again.
priorities = clear.

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