Friday, July 8, 2011

sprechen sie englisch?

First off, let me explain.
I know you posted on July 5th.
And I know that it is July 8th.
But life is hard sometimes.

Like when you are in a foreign country
where you have to go to
3 different stores
3 different times
before you get a SIM card that works.

But we only have
1 SIM card that works in
1 country
because they're not cheap.

So, hence, I am tethering
(for those of you who are technologically-impared
and don't know what that means click here
[sorry it's in German - like I said: life is hard sometimes.])

Enough explaining on my part.
How about this picture does some explaining instead.

Yep. That's the view from my window.
Well, hello there, Alps.

That particular mount is the Jungfrau -
translated to "young maiden."
She is protected by two mountains on either side
whose names translate to "ogre" and "monk."
Cool? You tell me.

Not that I speak German or anything though,
'cause I don't.
Unless knowing how to say "I am vegetarian" counts.
By the way, I'm yet to say that,
in case you were wondering.
And in case you are reading this and wondering,
"is she really vegetarian?"
I am.

There is a general trend here
of things being steep.
the Alps
the stairs
the prices

There is also a general trend here
of lots of driving.
I have been in 3 countries so far
(including Switzerland, France and Germany)
and that number will reach 5
by the end of the trip.

The other general trend would have to be
If I wasn't tethering,
I would post some pictures for you.
(Bet you feel dumb if you still
don't know what 'tethering' means)
Hopefully you'll get to see some soon.

Other highlights include:
- Stuffing my face with chocolate at a chocolate factory
(the winning flavor: "crement")
- Entering France just to buy some almond croissants
(reminiscent of last November...?)
- eating delicious cheese in the quaint village of Gimmelwald
(just to give you a feel for the place:
Less than 200 people live there,
the only way to get to it is by aerial tram or trail,
and there is a store that still lets you buy things on credit)

Obviously the highlights all involved food.
That just seems to be how it works.

Also, I have finished one book so far.
Reasons to Live
It was a winner. You'll have to read it.
Meaning you, specific (Taylor)
and you, general (hello there, follower).

Well, when it comes to slow internet,
I can only take it for so long.
And it has been so long.
So, so long.

Love you.
(once again, specific and general)
Can't wait to hear more about Utah.


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  1. Been a long time since I've taken a dip in T^2 waters.