Wednesday, July 13, 2011

rock pillows and sandpaper towels.

Hello from Munich.
Or as they spell it here, München.
Not sure how those could possibly be the same word...
but whatevs.
If that floats their boat, it's cool.
I have never really liked sinking boats.

I'm pleased to inform you I also got a Google+ invite.
From Thatch.
Glad he's in.
And that Tyler's in.
And that my dad's in.
And that you're in.
And that I'm in.

As for this trip,
there is nothing quite like driving through
the European countryside.
Lots of naps and windy roads
and beautiful views, of course.
We managed to swing through Italy
to eat pizza and gelato.

We thought they would be personal sized pizzas
so we ordered 4.
They weren't personal sized.
Typical Americans.

Our main tour guide here is my mom's book.
aka Rick Steves.

He's the best.
He is teaching us how to see Europe through the "back door."
Well Rick, we successfully did that last night
when we stayed in someone's house.
Or should I say their attic?
Not sure how that one worked out...

life is good.
Tomorrow is sure to be great.
As is the next day.
And we're going to Jerusalem soon.
So that's cool.

I love ya.

P.S. cin happen to have internet for the first time in days
right during the one hour Ben Coburn is emailing?

P.P.S. I could have seen Harry Potter 15 times by now.
But I haven't.

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