Sunday, July 10, 2011

and then there's that.

hey tay bay.

let's get something(s) straight:
1. i like it when you ask all kinds of questions.

so my first point of the day is about google+ again.
tye-dye sent me an invite, so i feel like i'm on the "in."
really, though. google+ is legit.
i already sort of feel like facebook doesn't exist anymore.
after spending a little bit of time on my profile
and the profiles of my 2 friends on google+,
i went back to my facebook profile page.
i felt like i had time warped to an older,
less-cool social media decade.
so, there's that.

i'm here in provo tonight, which is fine.
i mean, it's provo.
mostly i just went to wendy's and got this:

and here's the thing with this guy.
see how all the berry sauce is positioned in the center
of the cup, with equal amounts of yogurt/ice cream
above and below it?
yeah, well, that picture is pri-tty misleading.
it all sits at the bottom.
gravity is working against me.

so then i sat on the grass and talked with
megan until the sprinklers kicked us off.
and then we just sat in a stairwell that wasn't even ours
until we kicked ourselves off.
that's when you know you're having fun.

other than the occasional child who walks in the store,
pulls everything off of every wall,
races up and down the track on the fitting stools,
and jumps into my personal bubble,
all while "meowing,"
(meeeow. meow. meow, meow, meow)
there is nothing to report here.
oh, and there's been some real rain.
yeah, there's that.

i have nothing else to say,
other than, this blog works.
it just does.
and we work it.
work it, girl.

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