Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the hunger games.

dear taylor olson,
did you know that some of our
what does that mean for you and i?
don't care.

here i am in sandy, ut. just like always.
i'm going to do a load of laundry today.
i washed and vacuumed my car on saturday.
i'm reading a really good book right now.
those are the updates.

how was your 4th?
i wore a flag shirt to work yesterday
and everyone at work was surprised for some reason.
apparently they had no idea how much
i love this great land.
i lead them in singing the national anthem
just before we opened the store.
i had some cafe rio yesterday
with ally, natalie, lisa and julie
and then we sat around a fire, made s'mores
and listened to fireworks.
julie's house has a great ear shot of all
kinds of fireworks, so there was no need to see them.

here's a question: why not entitle your next
facebook picture album, "real busy" ?
here's another question: why haven't
we jumped on the "words with friends"
bandwagon yet? it seems like just our
cup of bandwagon. kind of.

one more thing: ally told her sister i was coming
over and her sister replied with,
"is that the more outdoorsy taylor or the one who sings?"
it's cool that she reads our blog.
so here is a "shout out" to her.

so, tell me something pretty about europe.
i'll make sure you don't miss anything stateside.
here i am, holdin' down the fort in utah, like always.
what would it do without me?
time for breakfast.

p.s. the book i'm reading isn't the hunger games.
but the hunger games is sitting on my bed shelf,
so it gets the honor of titling this post.

p.p.s. is that a boyfriend belt?
did your boyfriend leave it at your apartment
when he left at 12:00?


  1. My sister will be so pleased. And kind of embarrassed. Loved listening to those fireworks with you. <3