Friday, July 8, 2011

i'm either having a really good day or a really bad day.

first things first.
please tell me you've seen the music video
that is currently posted here.
it might be one of the best things i've
ever seen. country and rap are like salt and pepper.

something funny that you said in your last post was
the part about the mountain being called "young maiden."
the fact that mountains have names over there
reminds me of somewhere.
oh, here. that's right.
any place that names its mountains has got to be rad.

utah is, well, great.
better than great, if you ask me.
here are some great things about it:
1. the cooler, summer weather.
2. the occasional rain shower and overcast sky.
3. the hustle and bustle of the utahn summer.

that last one is my favorite point.
there is just nothing quite like the
hustle and bustle of a utahn summer.

speaking of hustle and bustle,
how 'bout them folks at google?
google+ and all that jazz.
you know what would be funny?
if our missionary friends got home
and facebook was gone, replaced with googlebook.
or whatever.
that would be a real hoot.
like, "let's go to facebook. PSYCHE!
facebook's gone. joke's on you!"

here's something else that's funny
from our favorite WRC employee:

top 10 things to say to break the ice with a customer:

10. i love your hair. may i run my fingers through it?

9. do those pants feel as tight as they look?

8. uh, no. you're totally going to crush that shoe.

7. is that her diaper i smell? may i check it?

6. may i hold your hand as we walk to the shoe wall?

5. does your husband always give the young girls
this much attention?

4. you've got something stuck in your teeth.

3. wow! how much do you weigh?

2. they look great on you! yes, it's supposed
to come out over the waistband like that.

1. that's,

oh, and one more thing,
-the blue
-the shine
+something bug spray should have
-the last two letters
+the country andy is in right now
international cinema invite again
and a legit textersation.

well, that's all i've got. loves!

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