Wednesday, April 21, 2010

we'll hike graham canyon.

well, tay o. has one final left tomorrow.
vee and tay b. are alllll done.
with school, that is.

there are a couple things we need to blog about.

1. blogging. we like it.

2. we accidentally forgot to go to sleep monday night.
it really was an accident.

3. today we literally planned our whole day around
when we were going to get our favorite ice cream.
when we say literally, we mean it in the literal sense of the word.
our hunger levels are past the point of funny,
and ever since saturday, our stomachs are permanently stretched.
it's all relative if you think about it.
and we think it's a relatively good thing.
free willy.

it's late.
taylor b. has almost been up for 24 hours.
not to mention the little 3hrs-of-sleep-stunt we pulled monday night.

goodnight facebook.

"she is a star in her own little way she is." ---michael.

we luf that---taylor & taylor.

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