Monday, April 12, 2010

i miss the rains up in salt lake.

(pronounced: hell-ohhhhhhhh, not hell-oooooooooh).

what a great weekend.
taylor o. had auditions for the byu performing group young ambassadors.
it went really well, so we're excited to see what happens.

10+ hours of auditioning was pretty fun, too.
but probably not as fun as this:

taylor b. enjoyed a very relaxing weekend in utah's dixie.
her friend natalie died over 3 times.
(see above picture).

the landscape was almost as wonderful as the company.


in other news,
not having a spring break here at BYU has paid off.
tomorrow is our last day of school.

we're real excited for this semester to be over,
but sad too, because we won't be living together for a while.
in fact, taylor b. will be living at the wasatch running center
for the next few months.
so, stop by and say hello won't you?
it's just the perfect time to start some warm-weather running.
we know we're lovin' it.

have a nice night.

"ahhh. carrots." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

p.s. feeling stressed about school?
we feel this sums it up perfectly.
they always know how to keep it real.

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  1. i feel like i should be ashamed of the picture, but i'm not.