Friday, April 16, 2010

we're professional at being center.

today was good, and bad.
be both took finals,
and both did a lot worse than we were hoping.
but we had a great run and
a great dinner at macaroni grill.

we're sad about the byu athletes that have decided to withdraw.
if you haven't heard, read this.

we also discovered
this today.
we think it is
pretty stinkin' hilarious,
and sums up our opinion on the matter in
an honest, humorous, and intelligent manner.
we basically couldn't have put it better ourselves.
and it's okay to laugh aloud when you read it.
we did. for like 20 minutes.

well, after a pretty relaxing day with studying 'n stuff,
we're going to sign off.
whatever that means.

"hunger has a way of bringing drama to the surface.
the combination of hopelessness and self-pity often lead to unnecessary theatrics."
---allie brosh, hyperbole and a half.

we really love that---taylor & taylor.

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