Monday, April 19, 2010

good thing we freed willy.

have you ever finished a meal
and thought to yourself,
"man, i ate way too much just now."

well, that happened to us this weekend.
9 times.

it's kind of a problem when you wake up,
and the first words exchanged between you and your roommate are:

"so i was thinking we can have our leftovers for dinner tonight,
instead of lunch."


"so what do you want for dinner tomorrow?"

literally. first words.
no "good morning," or "are you almost done? i need to use the bathroom."
just commenting on last night's leftovers.
(which were incredible by the way. both times.)

don't believe it is a problem yet?
how about when there complete silence at dinner,
but toward the end there are comments like:

"you're a bottomless pit."

"i am a bottomless pit."

"i wonder how big your stomach is."

"where are the biscuits?"
"they're gone."
"gone? there were 7!!!"

"look who's going back for 3rds."

"you're still hungry?"

"want to split that last one?"

"are we having brownies later?"

"where'd the rest of the cookies go?"
"we ate them."
"ate them? we just took them out of the oven 5 minutes ago."

"i just ate lunch and breakfast."
"that's alright. you didn't have breakfast earlier."
"no. i did. who told you that?"
"wow. you're a bottomless pit."
"uh. i'm a bottomless pit."

"i need to stop."

"man, i ate way too much."

okay, you get the point.
we're not even sure why this is relevant.


"is he on crack tonight?" ---ben coburn.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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