Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hanging by a needle.

this is a little/long over-due.

happy birthday to our dearest, closest friends:
veronica & thatcher.

some quick things to know:

1. veronica is our favorite roommate.

2. thatcher is in albuquerque, serving a mission.

3. veronica is an incredible photographer.

4. thatcher likes sports.

5. veronica always has the cutest clothes.

6. thatcher likes the onion news network.

7. veronica is a vegetarian.

thatcher can make a really, real, realistic raptor noise.

9. veronica loves animals.
and yes, she took this:

10. thatcher runs track & cross country.
he's fast.

11. veronica likes to read.

12. one thing we love the about thatcher?
when he tries to hide his smile.

13. one thing we love about veronica?
her laugh. it's absolutely contagious.

14. vee & thatch are twins, but they have different birthdays.

we love you guys!
happy 20th(s)!

---taylor & taylor.

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