Thursday, October 15, 2009

garden hose veins.

today has been nuts.
don't ask, don't tell.
that's our new philosophy.

ok, it's not really.
but today it is.

we're just glad the weekend is coming right up.
also, we have to say something real quick:

happy birthday ben!!
he is nineteen today, october the 15th, 2009.
we can't even believe it.

in honor of this day, we're listing 1+9 things about ben.

1. "when i fell off my knees, it was too much."
ben is GOOD at walking on his knees.

2. speddy.

3. music.
ben is a VERY musical person. he is incredible.
along with that, he is very passionate about it.
our favorite thing is when we find a song we can share a love for.
we play it over and over again, and sing at the top of our lungs.
we often text lyrics back and forth.
taylor swift is in this category.

4. juanita.
he has a small toyota pickup truck. her name is juanita.
she comfortably seats one person and a violin.

5. he loves christmas.
we've spent many hours discussing how much ben loves christmas.
we've filmed christmas talk shows.

6. he has the kiss of death.
again, don't ask, don't tell.
good philosophy, huh?

7. facial expressions.
ben makes better facial expressions than anyone else we know of.
we won't show you proof though. sorry.

8. ben-standard time.
this is a part of who ben is.
we wouldn't expect anything less.

9. ben's fishing vest.
or lack of said fishing vest.
someday, eddie bauer will lower their dang prices.

10. ben's family and friends.
ben is one of the most loving and devoted people we know.
he puts his family above everything else,
and his good friends closely follow.
subsequently, they [we] love him too!

happy birthday ben!
we love you so much!
thanks for everything!!

"i hope you have a will. ha. ha. ha." ---doctor stewart.

we don't really love that---taylor & taylor.

p.s. we decided that if utah could give autumn a chance,
we could too. so we remodelled accordingly.

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