Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a good, quality story.

sorry it's been so long.
time just gets away from us.
both of us had great weekends.
here's what's up:

beautiful provo canyon.
a grungy shopping experience at our least favorite store.
dinner at noodles.
a visit from our SLC friends.
all-roof access.
a little jack handy.
byu creamery.

running for the stars.
visits from good friends.
magazine worthy scenery.
fire-side chats.

small world.
good food.
good times.

the past couple days have been rough.
but we handle the stress well.
here are some things we like to do to relieve stress.

walk through airport terminals.

climb mountains.
dress up in funny outfits and go into nice restaurants.

graduate from high school.

pull our shorts up really high, and then take pictures of it.

play tether-ball.

make our hair as poofy as we can.

take halloween headshots.

"if you open your eyes that big it's likely something
is going to pop up and get them." ---taylor b.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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