Sunday, October 25, 2009

don't stop believin'.

well, where should we begin?

how about here:
we'd better back up...

some more beautiful scenery up in idaho,
and another awesome four wheeling adventure for taylor b:
there is a good story behind this picture,
but we won't go into it.
too embarrassing.

also, if you're ever in malad, ID check out me & lou's.
it's the classiest place in town.

we went to a rainy homecoming game.
should of sold our tickets to bret.
that's all we have to say about that.

when the game ended, the fun truly began.
our SLC friends met up with our provo friends for the best night ever.

52in LCD, 120hz, 50,000:1 contrast ratio, TV
+ interactive stage lights
+ interactive fog machine
+ insane surround sound in a small apartment
the most INCREDIBLE rock band experience of our young lives.

the malt shoppe: an old-fashioned, provo style, dining extravaganza.
this started out like any other milkshake/bacon cheeseburger night.
however those nights are supposed to start.
we were all enjoying our delicious shakes of various flavors,
and jenny and taylor b. were enjoying their burgers when suddenly...

people started dancin' like crazy!
[ben found it especially hilarious.
look at that smile; what a guy.]

we really loved this, and we were sure the night just couldn't get any better.
but you know what they say,
"knock on wood!"

taylor o. couldn't resist puttin' her dancin' shoes on,
and asked jolly roger, blue-shirt to dance.

taylor o: hi, i was wondering if you teach me how to dance.
jolly roger: hey, everybody, this lil' lady wants to learn how to dance!
[diner crowd cheers]
so then, they danced the night away!!

[if you're using safari, you might have trouble viewing this. try a different browser.]

we were a litte disturbed, and slightly creeped out.
but it was worth it.
so that brings us to this:
he was sweaty, old, probably insane,
and sources tell us that he is there every saturday night.
you can bet we'll be back.
ah, the magic of the malt shoppe.
taylor's bravery inspired us all to have a little dance party of our own.
which is how we finished out the night.

we had a little trouble getting everyone to calm down for the camera,
and taylor b.'s camera was out of battery.
but it had just enough juice left for one more self-timed picture:
to sum it all up:

"you can't forget to add in taylor dancing with that guy,
and that memorable dance move. wow. i guess we just all need to hang out more."
---leslie macfarlane.

you said it!!

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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