Tuesday, October 6, 2009

finding the controller.

there is a lot to blog about today.
so, we'll start from the beginning.
here is a list of things we love:
  • waking up to a drawer of toiletries floating in a thick, oily, sticky hair serum. try cleaning that one up with water. rofc.
  • not eating breakfast.
  • ahh. the smell of car exhaust in the morning.
  • wonder bread: it's fresh...fresh...fresh...
  • dropping your phone, and yogurt, and clif bar at separate times, in the middle of the same intersection as the light is turning yellow.
  • the beautiful, bright, vibrant, red, yellow and orange leaves covered in a grey, deadening frost. we like the english version of grey better.
  • rolling on the floor crying. lol.
taylor, cleaning up the sticky, oily hair serum.
good thing there were two of her;
she got the job done a lot faster that way.

in other news:
- wanna hear a funny joke? life. haha. lol.

in better news:
- veronica made pasta salad.
- we discovered taylor b. is a lot like a tree: big, tall, provides shade and is covered in bark.
- we got invited to see toy story. one & two. in 3D. but we're not going.
- we came up with some fun games today. by games we mean fights:

which do you think is more important: being the first to create a facebook account, whether it was used or not, or being the longest active user of a facebook account?

who do you think wins: the one who shot the invisible bullets, or the one who blocked the bullets with an invisible force-field?

which room do you think would be better to blog in: taylor b.'s or taylor o.'s?

- we don't fight a lot, but when we do, it is about important matters.

and for the best news yet:
- the day isn't over. hurray!

some people say that we're bipolar. to them we say: so what if we are? what's it to ya?

"the problem with uploading your pictures onto facebook, is that facebook owns them. so if you want deactivate your account, you should delete your pictures first so facebook doesn't own your soul. but then again, i don't really mind if facebook owns my soul. in fact, i prefer it that way." ---taylor o.

we love that---taylor & taylor.