Monday, October 5, 2009

capillary action.

Here are a few simple pleasures that have made the last few days the BEST.
  1. The Stick. If you don't have one, get one. You can buy one at Wasatch Running Center. Go!
  2. Stan's Diner. Classic, delicious American food made by a cute Indian man. We're pretty sure his name is not Stan. But the food was so INCREDIBLE. Bonus Points: It is a block from our apartment. We like that.
  3. Pebble ice. (You can get it at Stan's).
  4. A beautiful, Autumn day. Like today for instance.
  5. Did we mention The Stick, and Stan's?
  6. A weekend at home:
Taylor O.
  • A classic dance party in the Skyline parking lot with her favorite, classic people was a fun journey back to the good ole' days.
  • General Conference fed her spiritually and physically. Jenny McKay makes some mean chocolate chip pancakes. Thanks, Jenny.
  • She realized that she has acquired from a lot of habits from Bret Richmond Clapier and Norman Derek Jessee. Honestly, she couldn't ask for more awesome influences. The memories shared with them are truly treasured.
  • She felt honored to hear a moving love story from the infamous Brandon Moore, as he quizzed her for the test she took today. Talk about multi-tasking. Thanks, Brandon.
  • Some great laughs were shared with her family over dinner and the new tradition of a "Girls' Night Out" is a definite keeper. She wishes she was as hilariously awesome as her dad.
  • There was an extra special bond with her brother, Thatcher, when she realized that he was doing the exact same thing as her from 10-12 and 2-4 on Saturday and Sunday. That bond was even stronger for her parents, who drove through New Mexico last night.
Taylor B.
  • She started her great weekend on Thursday afternoon. She loves her job at Wasatch Running, misses working there every day, and would like to give a shout-out to all her fellow employees; they are awesome. Congrats for a successful St. George Marathon weekend, yo.
  • Friday was full of tears and laughs--good moments and sad ones. Highlights include her favorite restaurant, Zupas, with some fellow bloggers, and an evening on the town with Ben and Taylor O. ("the town" bein' Provo).
Taylor O., Ben, Taylor B., Tyler at the BYU-USU game.

  • The weather was one of her favorite parts of the weekend, and she hopes to someday live in a place where it rains all the time.
  • Sunday was an extra-special treat. She went with Ben downtown to see the last session of conference; thanks for the tickets, Millie. Seated in front of them were two grown women with crayons and coloring books--Disney coloring books.
  • Her Grandma officially penned her into the will; she gets all the umbrellas and the umbrella holder. Quite possibly the best inheritance she could ever ask for. Dinner with G & G and her mom was splendidly, divine.
  • She spent the remainder of Sunday evening in good old Salt Lake, with the people she loves the very most. With a full belly, umbrellas, good conversation, rain, basement-chats, hugs and laughs, Sunday might have cracked the top ten. Who are we kidding? Of course it did.
After a great weekend home, it's always tough to come back down here, but with a little help from Taylor S., a good run, and Stan's, today has been great.

All jokes aside. We feel so blessed to have so many close friends, and such supportive families. We're grateful for the role the Gospel plays in our lives, and are so excited for many of our very close friends to begin serving missions, and join the 50,000+ missionaries already serving. We know they will be awesome, and we couldn't be happier for them!

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend so fantastic! Truly, one of the best.

"We should get ice cream." ---Ben Taylor
"We have skinny cows at home." ---Taylor B.
"One."---Taylor O.
"We could split it three ways."---Taylor B.
"Then it would be an anorexic cow."---Ben Taylor
"And if we threw it up, it would be a bulimic cow."---Taylor O.
"Lol."---Taylor B.

we love that---taylor & taylor. ;)


  1. and may i add, highly volatile random outbursts of dancing as tay spontaneously showed off her movie dance skills and danced gaily around the room. ;)