Tuesday, April 12, 2011

we've got more important things to do.

there's something about finals week in winter semester.
it makes us want to stay up real late.
last night we killed it in the library until it closed at 2.
there's apparently an unwritten rule that after about 12:30,
the whole library becomes a no-shh zone.
we were fine with that though, because our table
was pretty much a no-shh zone the entire night anyway.

so our weekend was pretty rad.
we headed up to plain city (ogden) to visit andy's mom.
boy was that a treat.
she made the most delicious dinner,
and, count 'em, two delicious desserts.
also, attending church in plain city was like
attending church in a different state.
it was like a cultural island up there.
no, not literally an island,
but one sister did grace the congregation
with an "alooohaa," which further demonstrates our point.
she wasn't even hawaiian.
just kidding, she was.

so, finals time.
just one more day of school and a few more tests
and then we're home free until spring semester starts.

see ya on the other side.

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