Tuesday, April 5, 2011

reading assessment #13.

spring is in the air,
and the allergies are tearin' it up.
it's a toss up.
spring or awful allergies?
spring. clearly.
that wasn't even hard.

yesterday was veronica's birthday.
happy birthday to her.

today is thatcher's birthday.
happy birthday to him.

whoah. they're 21.
now there are 3 ages in our apartment.
how many apartments can say they have that?
probably a lot of them.
don't care.

anyway, yes.
happy birthday to our most favorite roommate
and our most favorite missionary.
(soon to no longer be a missionary in,
count 'em,
forty-nine days!!)

enjoy this lovely spring day.
or don't.
doesn't matter either way,
though we'd prefer that you enjoy it.

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