Thursday, April 21, 2011

if you ever come back.

well. we're done.
and it feels pretty dang good.
or, pretty D good.

today has been a day of mixed emotions,
and we cleaned our room.
like really, really, cleaned it.
since people are moving out left and right down here,
we were beginning to feel a little left out.
it may have taken hours,
but we dun cleaned it good.

we're going to enjoy our short little break
with a little TLC in SLC,
and then it's back to the books for a few more weeks.
that's okay, though,
because thatcher gets back in 33 days,
and we may or may not have some pretty exciting news
to share with you soon.
and when we say "pretty exciting,"
that is precisely what we mean.
we'll keep you posted.

life is good.

have a great weekend.

---taylor & taylor.

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