Friday, April 8, 2011

recess, break and fast.

it is friday night and we are killin' it.
we've been killin' it all week, really.
here's the part where we explain why.

it actually all started yesterday.
we woke up just in time to miss taylor b.'s
8am class, which was just fine.
taylor o. and natalie attend the temple
every thursday morning, and after a particularly
difficult night, the asked if taylor b. wanted to come.

to: "do you want to come?"

tb: "i can't. i have class.

okay, i'll come.
but what time will we be back?
i have a paper due at 5 that i need to start.
and finish."

to: "we'll be back in plenty of time."

tb: "okay. i'm in.

actually, let's get some breakfast afterward.
kneader's french toast?"

to: "i thought you had a paper you needed to work on."

tb: "well, yeah. so are we getting french toast then?"

this started it all.
naturally, we had some unlimited french toast
from kneader's, which was unlawfully delicious.
and don't worry, taylor b. turned in her paper
at 5, even though she started it at 4.
impressive? not really.

anyway. it doesn't really matter what
we had for dinner last night,
but we'll tell you anyway.
stir fry.
and for dessert?

and then we decided we hadn't had quite enough pudding.
so we whipped up our staple:
stove-top tapioca.

it accidentally didn't set up, though,
so we drank it instead.
no big.
taylor o. had to buzz off to noteworthy,
so she took hers in a tupperware
with a plastic spoon.
taylor b. did too so she wouldn't feel left out.

but if yesterday was good, today was better.
we hit up a chinese buffet coupled with a dessert buffet.
2nd unlimited meal within 2 days.
not that we have a problem with that,
because clearly, we don't.

now we're holdin' down the fort here at the dollhouse,
killin' it with x-men and x-men II.
sure we have the occasional visitor,
and the occasional visitor will threaten to visit.
but mostly it's just us.
the way it should be.

so, we'll just keep doin' what we do best.

and. that's all folks.

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  1. "it accidentally didn't set up, though,
    so we drank it instead." hahaha I love you both. Definitely killin' it <3