Monday, March 28, 2011

5 seconds to take a quiz and save the world.

what should we blog about today?

well, for one, taylor b. can't walk.
what is her problem?
what a loaded question.

she's confined to crutches at this point,
which means taylor o. and andy and veronica
and brady and ben and various others
have taken to chauffeuring her around.
they're great friends.

some good things have come out of it, though.
like getting everyone and their dog
(that's an expression. no dogs are involved)
to ask her what's wrong with her foot.
and it's a great conversation starter with random strangers.

"hey. my foot hurts, how's yours?"


in other news, our friend kory is a hoot.
he's a real-life gangsta from the west side of LA.
and he plays a real good will smith character.
we'll try and get it on film sometime.
meanwhile, enjoy this little example:

also, he speaks like 5 languages.
but he doesn't speak "taylor."
so we're helping him with that.
textersation example:

"just rockin' that fhe and startin'
to hit that paper for sure. ok cin....snow really?
that was correct usage, huh? NAILED IT!!!"

taylor o:
"hahahaha. sure. usually though, cin or chn
or csn is in response to another comment. so i'd
be like, "it's snowing" and you'd go, "cin."
or you could make the first comment and respond to
yourself like, 'i used to have diamond studs. cin.'
often times it is used when you do something out
of control, or dumb like, 'i just stalked people i don't
care about on facebook for two hours. cin.'
or with me and taylor, it will often relate
to boys. she will say, 'there is a really attractive boy
sitting next to me in the library wearing clarks and a cardigan,'
and then i'll say, 'chn.'
of course, you can also use it in the literal sense. such as,
'i just saw a winna wearing overalls on campus. chn.'
or, 'i just ran into a pole. cin.'
hope these few examples have helped demonstrate the proper
usage of the term. i could go on and on,
but i think the point is pretty clear."

"i think i'm going to have to stick to my super
gangsta speech, cuz yours is hard."

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