Tuesday, March 8, 2011

if it's love, it's a battlefield.

so, what HAVE we been up
to the past couple weeks?

spying on people through our peep hole?

watching "parenthood" every tuesday?

visiting "the sweet shoppe" on campus
once a week for "graham canyon" ice cream
and/or butterscotch brownies?
yes, thanks.

practicing/singing with noteworthy
and going to every show the brocks puts on?

inviting random people over after
we meet them random concerts?
and we love random.
and concerts.

making delicious homemade cheesecake
and eating it at every meal for a day?
[it would have gone on for longer
if we had made more. note to self(selves)].
yes, thank you.

reading blogs of all sorts?
friends' blogs?
wedding blogs?
photo blogs?
humorous blogs?
gaming blogs?
colorful blogs?
chinese blogs?
lizard blogs?
except not chinese blogs.

counting the number of missionaries we
need to write letters to (15) everyday,
but still postponing the letter writing process?
yes. blah, blah, blah.

hanging out with the most awesome people
all the time, day and night, rain or shine?
yes, mom. yes indeed.
and we love it.

we love college.
we love our classes.
we love to learn.
we love people.
we love running.
we love letters.
we love working.
we love laughing.
we love jokes.
we love singing.
we love cooking.
we love skiing.
we love eating.
we love macbooks.
we love the dollhouse.
we love music.
we love life.

that's what's up.

we love that---taylor & taylor.

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