Thursday, March 17, 2011

you wanna know what happened to me?

"i've got a great idea. let's change clothes
and then go be crazy, annoying college students
and jump through puddles and stuff."
"yeah, good idea. also, i'm going to
hold this window screen for a second."

"playing in the rain sure is fun."
"i'm a suuppastar."
"look at my cool thumbs up sign."

"let's strip down to our swimming suits."

"this is going to be a funny picture!"
"you can say that again!"
"we're really funny."
"playing in the rain is neat."
"we're in college!!"
"we can do whatever we want!"

"let's take a shower now."
"good idea."
"that was fun."
"my arms are as long as my legs."
"being in college is fun."

anyway. taylor b. accidentally forgot
to sleep on monday night.
wasn't that a special treat for us both.
it's been an interesting week,
and it's not even over yet.


oh, p.s.
it's definitive.

1 comment:

  1. I just love both of you. And thanks for the muddy mess outside my stairwell. :)