Tuesday, February 9, 2010

we could make a cake easily.

tomorrow = two, ten, twenty, ten.
or 2/10/2010.
or febuary 10th, 2010.
or 10-02-2010.
or febuary tenth, of the year two-thousand and ten.
or febuary the tenth, in the two-thousand and tenth year of our lord.

we're celebrating.
with whom you might ask?
just ourselves.
maybe karissa if she comes over to work on economics.
but it's a celebration, nonetheless.
with lot's of homework,
and lot's of, yes, you guessed it:

in a sense, tomorrow shouldn't really be
different from any other day.
but we don't like to look at it that way.
after all, we need all the holidays we can get.

plus, who doesn't love a holiday with numbers and food?
it's like the more mature version of PI DAY,
because it doesn't actually have to do with math.

"vanilla?" ---taylor b.
"uhhh. no. twist." ---karissa urry.

we just love that---taylor & taylor.

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